The insider’s guide to Newport, RI
The insider’s guide to Newport, RI


The City of Newport has limited dockage at the Ann Street Pier and at Perrotti Park. Neither is available for overnight stays and boats are limited to 40’ ft. The City does have complimentary dingy dockage at both locations, but again, not for overnights.

There are a number of marinas offering dockage along the east side of the harbor, which is closest to downtown where the majority of shops and restaurants are. There are also marinas to the north and in the northwest corner of the harbor including one on Goat Island. The Newport Yacht Club rents dock space on an as available basis.

Each marina varies in terms of the size of the boats they can accommodate and the services they offer. There are many options to serve most any size vessel or yacht.


Bannister’s Wharf, 401-846-4500

Bowen’s Wharf, 401-849-2243

Casey’s Marina, 401-849-0281

Newport Shipyard, 401-846-6000

Goat Island Marina, 401-849-5382

Newport Harbor Hotel & Marina, 401-847-9000

Newport Marina, 401-849-2293

Newport Yachting Center, 800-653-3625

Newport Yacht Club, 401-846-9410

West Wind Marina, 401-849-4300